Pinchasi's Rough diamonds are cut and polished before being certified by a recognised laboratory. The HRD, or Antwerp diamond council, is the largest diamond certification laboratory in Europe, and Pinchasi is a large client of this laboratory.

Pinchasi always carries a large, centralized stock of cut, polished and certified diamonds which are immediately available in Antwerp and can be shipped within 24 hours to any destination in the world. This swift response time is vitally important in the fast-moving diamond market. It's all done with a small and flexible team of just 10 people in the Antwerp office who deal with sales and operations, including the sorting, preparation and certification of the stones.

Although Pinchasi conduct regular business with their long-established clientele, they will usually meet them only once a year, either in Antwerp or at the trade fair which takes place annually in Basel, Switzerland.

The company has enjoyed a 30-year relationship with many of its customers. For Pinchasi, who nurture relationships with their clients and operate with the highest standards of integrity, quality, service, advice and deal making, trust is vital.

Pinchasi believes that Antwerp will continue to remain the diamond centre of the world, despite competition from low-cost operations in other countries. Antwerp is a city which is well adapted to the multicultural world of diamond dealing where many different nationalities rub shoulders with one another. The diamond area is centralized and accessible, and security is excellent. Most significantly, Antwerp has a history of diamond cutting and dealing that stretches back hundreds of years.

When all is said and done, diamonds are a people business, and this diamond culture cannot be easily replicated elsewhere.