Pinchasi is a second-generation family company that has been operating in the diamond industry in Belgium for 40 years. Pinchasi is one of the largest diamond cutters in the world, and one of the only cutters who still has a working factory in the cosmopolitan, multicultural city of Antwerp. The company was named after his founder, Mr. Pinchasi, and his two sons took over the leadership after his death in 2001.

The Pinchasi sons have introduced new innovations and developments, including a massive new diamond cutting factory in India, opened seven years ago, which is ten times the size of the Antwerp factory. The large quantities of medium sized stones are cut and polished in India, while the bigger, more complex stones are handled in Antwerp. Since the opening of the Indian factory in 2004, turnover has doubled.

Maximising the company's accessibility within the market is a vital part of Pinchasi's strategy, as a result the company operates their business online where orders can be taken, certification can be consulted and stones can be assessed online via their certification appealing to more customers. The company's market is mainly in Europe and Asia, although sales are also made in Australia and America, whilst 70% of clients are jewellery manufacturers, the rest are wholesalers.

Pinchasi gives huge attention to detail and as quality is the benchmark when dealing with a high value commodity like diamonds, Pinchasi takes extreme measures to ensure this is monitored thoroughly. If quality is not upheld in all processes, then a poor cut can ruin a promising stone and certification can become difficult to obtain.

At Pinchasi, standards are adhered to rigidly, both in Antwerp and in the operation in India. The company's service excellence also gives it a valuable edge in the industry. Finally, maximum efficiency is the key to Pinchasi's success, giving it a 2-3% price differential in this fiercely competitive market.